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Driving From the Grand Canyon, Arizona to Ohio

The Havasupai Falls hike was absolutely incredible, but we were ready to continue home. Luckily the truck started after a few attempts and we were back on the road. We decided to stop by Harbor Freight in Flagstaff to get the Predator 2000 generator so we could plug the truck in for an easier start in colder weather. Then we continued on our way.

It was a little bit of a rough start. We drove through really heavy crosswinds in Arizona and 2 separate snowstorms in New Mexico. Semi’s were pulling over and cars were sliding off the road, but Mike was able to continue by driving 5 mph. We finally made it to Texas and were both wanting a shower and a night to eat out and relax. Mike was craving Hooters wings since all we had to eat was Mountain House freeze dried food, Nutella sandwiches, and granola the last few days. So I promised him we would go to Hooters for dinner. Before we could take showers and eat, we had to find a place to empty our tank since it was full of water from our showers after the hike. The bigger truck stops like Flying J or Pilot usually have RV dump stations, but I called all the truck stops on our route in TX and OK and they all denied having dump stations. We even called a few campgrounds right off the highway and they wouldn’t allow us to dump without staying the night. After a few hours of calling, we were both getting frustrated and hungry so we just stopped and paid for a truck stop shower. We finally got our showers, found a Hooters in Little Rock, AR. and found a dump station on the way to Nashville.

Then we finally made it to Tennessee!


I was so excited to get back to Nashville to see my family and friends. I couldn’t wait to meet my new nephew who was just born in December, and my other nephew, who was 1 1/2, who had started walking since I had seen him. So we parked our camper in my sister’s driveway for a week and had a great time with everyone.

After a week of Nashville, we headed up to OH to see Mike’s family and our friends.


We had a great time in Ohio. It had been 6 months so it was so nice catching up with everybody. Mike had some more things to sell so we spent a few weeks in his parents driveway until everything sold.

By this time we had been on break for over a month and we still had about 3 weeks left before going back to work. Mike and I decided we wanted to go back to Havasu for the summer, so I picked up another travel assignment as close as I could in Kingman, AZ. But we had 1 more big adventure planned for our break. So we packed up the camper again and headed to Maine.

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  1. Glenda says:

    Looking forward to your next adventure!

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