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Prepping For Full-Time RV Life

In February of 2016, Mike and I decided we wanted something different. Something new, adventurous, inspiring. Something that wasn’t the same recurring life that we already knew. We both had dreams of traveling the world. There was something that made us both excited about the unknown, learning about different places, different cultures, and experiencing new things. Unfortunately, you can’t experience the world with the 2 weeks of vacation we had each year. So we decided to quit our jobs and start living the life we dreamed about.

We did a lot of research on different types of RV’s, campers, and vans, and we finally decided on a 1979 Class A Allegro RV.

IMG_4584With the help of his family, we took the summer and completely transformed the inside of this classic RV into a modern house on wheels.

After a few months of renovation, it was time to move in! Moving from 2 separate houses into 1 small space was not easy. We each had several house purges, yard sales, trips to donation stores, and giveaways to family, but we finally got everything in. We also had 2 motorcycles, a kayak, and a vintage pedal car, so we purchased a 12 foot enclosed trailer for covered storage.


Finally after 6 months of prepping, we were ready to take off! In August, Mike left Ohio and picked me up in Nashville to begin our new life.

One comment on “Prepping For Full-Time RV Life

  1. Glenda says:

    I’m so excited to follow your adventures now that I finally started reading this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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